Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sweet Grass Dairy Farm

We went on a playgroup field trip to Sweet Grass Dairy Farm. We watched the milking of the goats, learned how they made cheese and sampled some! Gabe's favorite part was probably feeding the baby goats leaves!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Family Pics

My dear friend Brooke took some family pictures for us which were long overdue...sadly we don't have many pictures of the four of us so I'm very happy to have some now! She was wonderful with getting the kids to look at her and I'm so thankful for her and these pictures!!


Unfortunately this is the only picture we have from Easter and since EJ took it he's not in it. Gabe was battling a fever on and off all weekend but it didn't seem to keep him down. We started the morning off with a clue hunt for their baskets...since they can't read yet we used pictures for the clue's and they loved it! It was a very busy day with 3 egg hunts and 2 gatherings.

Monday, April 25, 2011

PC Beach

EJ had some business to take care of in Panama City on Friday so I suggested myself and the kids tag along! He was only away from us for an hour and then we got to have lunch and visit the beach. Unfortunately I failed to pack the bathing suits (not sure what I was thinking) but who needs those anyways..these little water babies had a blast! The water was perfect and beautiful!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

The People Pleaser of the House!

This little man is sooo sweet...it's funny because when we found out we were having a girl I thought girls are so sweet and loving but in our case it's our little boy that is. Gabe loves to snuggle and give hugs throughout the day. The other day EJ and I were talking about their personalities and how they compared to ours..not sure if he would completely agree with me but I think Gabe takes after me more and Hannah takes after him (help me lol!) Gabe is definitely a people pleaser...he likes to make sure everyones happy, he'll say "u happy?" If I happen to get a scratch or injure myself in some way he's always right there to give it/me a kiss.

He is struggling a little bit right now with listening or obeying as EJ likes to say (he always says he's listening he's just deciding not to obey us) so we have been working on that.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

20 Months 20 pounds

That's right..she has finally hit the big 20 (I actually love how tiny and petite she is..so girly)!

Thankfully I still put notes in her baby book because I have been TERRIBLE about updating the blog with her milestones!

This little girl is something!! I can not even count how many times a day Ej and I are both commenting on how cute she is. She has so much personality..she's spunky, feisty and sweet all at the same time! From what she has shown us so far she will have no problem standing up for herself when she gets older.

Definitely later than I would have guessed (judging by how much she liked to babble as a baby) but she is now building her vocabulary. She says mom, dada, more (mo), cheese, please (ease), yogurt (which sounds like wo-wurt) wa wa (water), bowl, me, no, yes (es), ball, doggie...I can't think of the others right now but I'm sure there are a few more. Since Gabe wasn't talking until he was much older we didn't experience this with him so it's neat going through this with her.

She is still just as clumsy as ever although I think she is starting to realize that she can't fly which means she needs to pay attention when approaching stairs/steps. I love watching her run or when she tries to imitate Gabe jumping...she looks like she is skipping.

I see such a special relationship growing already between Gabe and Hannah and it makes my heart happy!! Of course they don't always get along, but when they do it's so sweet and Gabe can be so gentle with her and truly takes on the role of big brother, he'll even let me know when she is getting into something she's not supposed to...imagine that ;-) I have always had a great relationship with my brother and I pray that will always be able to count on each other through life!

She has been dropping her nap a couple times a week, and still isn't completely sleeping through the night. A couple weeks ago for the first time she slept through the night 2 nights in a row...but has gone back to waking a couple times.

Hannah at 20 months and Gabe at 20 months seems so different to me....not sure if it's a second child thing, but Hannah still seems so little to me and Gabe seemed like such a big boy when he was her age. Regardless I'm happy I still look at her as a "baby" because they do grow up so fast so I just want to cherish all these moments!